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NOTICE: The Museum will be closed for renovations and will reopen on April 28th; then open Tues., Thurs, & Sat., 1:-5:00 pm

FREE Admission - (818) 347-9665 Free Parking - Elevator Access
Museum Program - Horses Across the Valley


The Museum offers ongoing programs such as Historic Walking Tours, Speaker Series, Narrating Lives: Oral Histories of the SFV, Public Art Initiative (PAI) and much more!

The Museum also invites all groups for private tours and presentations - please inquire.


The history of movie make-up from iconic Westmore Family, mid century modern, architecture, Mexican-American community baseball, Then and Now of the Valley, artist Jodi Bonassi Gallery, the Valley Times photographs and much more!


Please join us at upcoming member events, new exhibits, tours, community events, speaker series and more cultural activities.

18860 Nordhoff St., Suite 204,  Northridge, CA 91324-3885 Tel: 818 .347 .9665

Speaker Series-Historian Shel Weisbach shares Pathways: Historic survey of the Valley 4/28/18

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18860 Nordhoff St, Suite 204, Northridge, California 91324-3885