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Aviation & Aerospace

From Apollo 11 rocket engines to the moon to Amelia Earhart and Howard breaking aviation records, the valley's history will amze you 


From peaches to olives to the Sunkist orange and lemon groves, the valley was one of the largest producers of fruit and citrus in the U.S.


With four major studios in the valley, a who's who of actors, dancers, musicians, make-up artists, set designers and more have and continue to work and live in the valley


Come explore Tongva Indians, Saber-tooth tigers, Spanish and Mexican Rule, S.F. Mission,  land settlers and much, much more


Hall of Famer's from the NFL, NBA, MLB, All-Americans and Olympians, the valley has produced some of the greatest athletes


From the railroad, Pacific Electric, General Motors plant, cruising down Van Nuys Blvd. to some of the largest auto dealers in the world and now the Metro, the valley has a love affair with the automobile and transportation